Hobby podcasts and me – Part 3

This is the third and final part of my little series on hobby podcasts. In parts 1 and 2 I told you about why I listen to podcasts and what makes a good podcast for me.

Now I want to give you a few examples of the podcasts that I think meet most, if not all, of my criteria and a what in particular I like about them.

They are in no order.

The Independent Characters (link)

Odd one for me this, as I’m not a 40k player and have an odd relationship with the game. I’ve only just started listening to this one too and I think I tried it out following another blogger’s Top 10 list. The Independent Characters is a well produced and above all positive podcast. There’s no whining about players, rules, or costs. It’s done by people who love and understand what they talk about and there’s a really good focus and structure to each episode.

Both Down (link) and Three Die Block (link)

I love these two Blood Bowl podcasts. The simple two-man style of each keeps them clean and organised. The content and duration fit me perfectly. I’m always looking forward to the next episode when each one ends. There is some good banter between these, and in fact all of the Blood Bowl podcasts, which is always friendly and adds a little bit to each. They are clean, good-natured podcasts that provide some great insight into the game generally and yet provide updates on their local leagues and tournaments which gives them a cosy feeling. There’s a nice sense of community about both and you always feel a little bit special listening to them.

Heelanhammer (link) and Bad Dice Daily (link)

For Warhammer Fantasy, you can’t go wrong with Heelanhammer. It is a really good podcast that’s well produced, well structured and well organised. The content is a good mix of hobby and tournament and it’s always nice to catch up on what the guys have been doing each month. It’s always a good listen, just like Bad Dice Daily. Personally I prefer the Daily Show to the monthly show as it keeps to the topic and has more focus. It’s only 10 minutes or so but it comes out every day much to Ben’s credit.

The X-Wing Podcast (link)

I’m going to add in the X-Wing podcast here as well even though there is only 1 episode. I’ve been looking for a good X-Wing Miniatures focussed podcast for a while now and nothing was current enough, frequent enough or focussed enough for me. Then along comes this one made by the guy from Bad Dice Daily and his old co-host from the main Bad Dice podcast. The production and style of the first episode was as I would expect and I know the quality will be high for as long as they want to make it. They are both starting out in the game, which fits with me perfectly, so let’s see where it goes.

There are some honourable mentions for The Dice Tower (link) which I like a lot and is well made but isn’t essential listening for me at the moment given my gaming focus. Up and coming in the Blood Bowl world are the Orca Cola Cast (link) and PitchInvasion (link) which are essential listening but the new kids on the block. For WFB honourable mentions go to Garagehammer (link) and Ohiohammer (link).

Once again thanks to everyone that podcasts! 

What are your favourite hobby gaming podcasts and why? I’m always on the look out for something new to listen to and would appreciate any suggestions.


One thought on “Hobby podcasts and me – Part 3

  1. Since all of my podcasts are Warhammer Fantasy focused, Bad Dice and Heelan Hammer are the big 2 for me. I have added The Dwellers Below, which is fairly entertaining, but tends to wander off topic a bit. It also isn’t as family friendly as the previous 2. I haven’t given Ohiohammer a chance. Maybe I should check that one out.

    World’s End Radio was pretty good, but they mostly stopped talking about Warhammer Fantasy, so I stopped listening.

    I listened to Garagehammer for a while, but the 3+ hour marathon recordings made it hard for me to get through in one setting, and for some reason Media Player couldn’t accurately keep track of the time played on them, so it was a hassle to pick up the listening again. I tried The D6 Generation also, which had some really good stuff, but the length of the podcasts was the problem there, too.

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