The White Dwarf I remember

With all of the talk about White Dwarf now that the new versions are out, I’ve been thinking back to when I used to buy it as a kid. A quick internet search later, and I’ve now got quite a few PDFs that I’ve been looking through with my teenage eyes. Well I say teenage as the period that I remember most seems to be 1988 when I was 11.

Issue 105 was a particular favourite. I remember spending a whole school term (10 weeks or so) drawing harlequins. My drawing skills were good enough for me to do a pretty decent copy of what was in the magazine but weren’t good enough for me to create anything of my own.

I’m not going to get into replicating the issue here, but the whole thing is jam packed full of rules, and amazing articles. It’s a really fun magazine made by people that love games and the games hobby. The sheer number of words is astounding. Pages and pages just full of words, tables and the odd illustration. Fantastic content across a really broad range of games. Enough that I got interested in everything. It was around this time that the Eldar/Elf in me came out as the Eldar imagery really stood out for me against a backdrop of dungeons and fantasy.

For me in particular, I loved this issue as there is a lot of Blood Bowl content including sections from the Blood Bowl Companion (Red) book that you can cut out of the magazine and add to your 2nd edition rules book. The pages even have the little hole-punch marks on them!

I’m going to go back and try and work out the time frame that I would have read the magazine but Blood Bowl 2nd edition was released in 1988 and 3rd edition was 1994, so that’s probably as good a guide as any. Especially since not long after I went to university and I had left the scene by then.

I’m going to keep reminiscing now đŸ™‚





2 thoughts on “The White Dwarf I remember

  1. Nice post. I too love to reminisce about the glory days of White Dwarf. The first one I ever bought was 160, and had 40K and Fantasy, plus Man o’ War and Space Marine. I still look back very fondly on those days.

    • I’m still trying to work out my first but reckon it was around 80. They are fantastic, aren’t they? A real blast of nostalgia. It was a different world in so many ways.

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