Blood Bowl – New Tournament Questionnaire

Since getting back into the game after many years away I am hoping to attend my first Blood Bowl tournament later in the year.

One of the obstacles that I have to attending tournaments is time. Family life means that travel time is a major consideration for me and with my nearest NAF tournament an hour and a half away I am very limited to the tournaments that I can attend.

My solution? Set up one of  my own with the help of the local gaming club!

If we can set up a tournament and establish it as an annual event then I, and the others in the area, can have more choice in the future.

But what format should we pick? We have some experience at the club but mainly league play and non-Blood Bowl tournaments. We’ll keep it simple for the first couple of years while we find our feet and get ourselves established, but there are still a few things to be considered. Going through the club will help with venue…and hopefully a couple of rookie fodder for the local tournament veterans.

So I hand it over to you? How do you like Blood Bowl tournaments to be structured and which ones do you like the most?

If you could spend a few minutes filling out the form below then you can help us create a new Blood Bowl tournament in the UK and hopefully attract more players to the game.

I’ll share the results when there are enough in to mean anything.





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