Completed – Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Halfling Team

A funny thing happened the other day, I picked up my Blood Bowl 2nd edition halfling team and painted them. It’s funny because I had no real intention of doing them at all, they were the lucky result of waiting for some new paints to arrive and being unable to prime the minis that I really wanted to work on. The current poor weather and usual dire selection of television programmes on over the winter have meant that my hobby time has increased dramatically recently and so I have managed to get this little lot done as a nice extra for the year.

The halflings including star player Puggy were my brother’s old team that he used to play when we played in a GW in-store league as teenagers. I stripped them a while ago and had them primed in the summer ready to go. The two trees where mine that I used to play in my elf teams. The fingers haven’t survived the journey through time, but I have a feeling that they may have snapped off when I used to play with them anyway. They were never very strong. My sculpting skills are not up to putting new ones on, so I left them off.  I do love these little halflings. There’s something quite cosey and comforting about them. They are very Hobbit like and I can’t ever see them facing up to a black orc in the arena.

I went for a very simple 2nd/3rd edition style colour scheme again. I am still very much stuck in that world when it comes to my minis and the painting. I still flick through the old rules and books and have some very fond memories of teams like the Greenfield Grasshuggers. Again these 2nd ed sculpts proved a little too small and fiddly for my aging eyes and oaf like painting technique. I’m happy with them and that’s all that matters!

I’ve got no plans to play with them for a while so they will sit in a display case on my shelves until needed.

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