What’s up next on the painting table?

So my elves are done (except for a coat of varnish that is) and I need to move on to another project. There are three things that need my attention…

I’ve got a Blood Bowl 2nd edition halfling team complete with two original treemen that have been staring at me lovingly for a while now. I’ve been giving them longing glances too, I must admit. Second on the list is the primed and ready to go collection of Warhammer Fantasy High Elves. I’m really looking forward to working in these and am going to do my best to stick to the techniques and guides that GW publish. I’ve also got a nice box of White Lions to put together thanks to ‘er indoors 🙂

But, the project that I need to tackle next is my Blood Bowl ogre team. I’ve got a goal to play in my first ever Blood Bowl tournament next year and I’ve decided to take a ‘fun’ ogre team to the party. I’ve got six lovely old ogres to do and some snotlings to complete the roster. The snotlings are mainly Warhammer ones but there are a couple of my ancient Blood Bowl ones in there, I may even try and greenstuff some helmets onto them to make them more sporty. We’ll see!

I’m going with 30mm round bases that should be winging their way to me now. Then it’s finding the time and the temperature/humidity to prime them – easier said than done at the moment. I’ve not thought about colour scheme yet, but think that I’m going to try for a more eclectic mix for the ogres; they’re going to be mercenaries brought together for one last hurrah before retiring to ogre stud, but the coach has enough trouble getting them all to play together let alone wear the same uniform. I’ve not got the tournament booked in yet so there’s no real rush although I’d like them done in the next few weeks so at least they are there ready for when I do need them.

I’ll post some pictures, probably on Twitter, as I work my way through them.

After ogres I think the High Elves will have to be next, but things change and I’m still looking to pickup some undead minis for Blood Bowl so who knows? 😉


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