He shoots he scores! Goooooaaaaallll!!!

Less than two weeks ago I wrote a little post about my medium and long term hobby goals. I did it for many reasons, but mainly to give me a purpose and a direction with my limited hobby resources.

Like most gamers, I have models that I’ve never used and probably never will. I’ve got models in various stages of completion and things on the painting table that have been there too long.

As somebody returning to the tabletop gaming there’s also the challenge of breaking through into a world that you thought was long forgotten. Tournaments, clubs, leagues and armies have all started and continued without me and now we have the world of podcasts, forums, and global communication.

My goals were designed to help me gain some hobby momentum and to get out of the cave and into the wild.

Just having the list of goals printed up and stuck on the wall in my cave has been fantastic. It’s really got me thinking and engaging with Blood Bowl and Warhammer Fantasy in the way that I want to.

I’ve played my first game of FUMBBL after months of being a Blood Bowl voyeur. I’m 1/0/1 with my skaven and 0/1/0 with my orcs. I’m actively looking for games every other night or so. Considering my poor attendance at the gaming club over the summer I’ve played more Blood Bowl in the last week than I have in the last 6 months. I’ve really enjoyed FUMBBL and the coaches that I’ve played against. So far it’s not been the rookie bashing experience that I thought it would be. I’ve even managed a game of Cyanide:Chaos Edition online as well. I’m really enjoying playing Blood Bowl.

As for tabletop tournaments, I’ve been able to focus on the minis that I want to collect and paint and have made the decision to play ogres and other stunty teams in my first few Blood Bowl tournaments. The TalkFantasyFootball forums has a thread showing the UK tabletop tournaments and I’m aiming to attend at least one next year. There’s nothing stopping me in my mind any more, I just need to get all the family bits lined up to make my attendance possible.

I’ve not forgotten my Warhammer Fantasy High Elves either. I’ve catalogued my army and have built a simple 1000pt list based on painting as many small units of what I have and having fun with them. There’s 50+ models to clean, base and paint in the next few months; again I’ve printed the list up and stuck it to the wall.

So it’s been a great few days for me.

If you need a little bit of direction or have something that you’ve been putting off for a while, then I can recommend unleashing your inner manager and putting together your own Hobby Goals. It’s working for me 🙂

Let me know your hobby goals…


One thought on “He shoots he scores! Goooooaaaaallll!!!

  1. It’s great that setting your goals is getting you motivated. I haven’t had such luck. I have set up yearly goals and tend to re-evaluate how I am progressing every 3 months

    I find that my biggest hurdle to completing my goals tends to be my own laziness. It is much easier for me to turn on a video game than to get out all of my hobby supplies to sit down and paint. Although, if I plan on attending an upcoming tournament, it helps me to get going again.

    Keep the momentum going!

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