Medium and Long Term Hobby Goals

I’ve been thinking recently about what to do in terms of hobby in the medium to long term. Short term I’m enjoying listening to podcasts, starting WFB High Elves and painting my old Blood Bowl minis. But there are no real goals that are going to give me a broader direction and drive after that. Blood Bowl is my real passion in terms of gaming but I’m running out of Blood Bowl teams that I can recondition from my old collection and don’t have the funds to just buy new toys with no purpose. I’m also not playing games. I don’t get to the local gaming club as often as I should and although I’m setup on FUMBBL and Cyanide, I’m yet to play any online games. On top of that I’ve also got a shelf of Warhammer Fantasy elves gathering dust.

I need focus! I can’t wait until the New Year to make hobby resolutions…I need them now.

To that end, I’m setting myself the following goals that I’d like to share with you. Some of them are much longer term than others (as you’ll see) and others are there to just give me a kick up the arse!

1. Play in the local gaming club’s winter Blood Bowl league – Blood Bowl isn’t a massive game at the local club, but there is an annual league and pickup games can generally be arranged every now and again. I missed out on joining the local league last year because of the house move, but this year I am going to join. I’ll probably play skaven as that’s what I enjoy most at the moment, although I do love AG4 on the elves.

2. Play a game on FUMBBL – I set myself up ages ago and have watched several games, but have been put off by the high standard of play that I’ve seen. I should just accept that getting smashed is a learning opportunity and take it like a man. There’s also the annoyance of having to use my laptop to play games as most of the time I use my tablet these days. That’s a made up excuse though.

3. Join an online Blood Bowl league – I’ve got the Cyanide game and have played one game so far, there’s also the new Orca-Cola Podcast that specialises in online gameplay. This has got me playing more games against the (crappy) AI, but I need to play against challenging real-life opponents to get better. Joining a league will get me playing more games. I can make time for a couple of games a week for sure. I’m not sure if it’ll be a Cyanide or FUMBBL league that I join yet.

4. Collect and paint a tournament team for every Blood Bowl race – This is a long term goal and will give me some focus for my purchases and future painting projects. It also means that I can look into other aspects of the hobby such as display and storage with some idea of where I want to get to in the end.

5. Attend at least 1 Blood Bowl tournament in 2014 – I wasn’t even aware tournaments were running 18 months ago and I want to take advantage of my NAF membership and get a ranking 🙂 Attending tournaments isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible with enough planning. I live in the South West of England and reckon that there are at least 6 within a couple of hours drive from here.

6. Play each Blood Bowl race at a tournament – This may sound strange for someone that doesn’t play much and has never attended a tournament in his life, but this is something that I think will keep me going for a decade or so. At the moment home life means that even attending two tournaments a year is very difficult, this should get easier as my little boy grows up though. This goal couples nicely with my goal of collecting all of the teams.

7. Build and paint 1000pts of WFB High Elves – I’ve got enough models on the shelf to make more than 1000pts but by setting myself a low points army value to start with it means that I learn about list building and get some simple games played without going overboard or in the wrong direction.

8. Play a 1000pt game of WFB in 2014 – This gives me some focus for getting the High Elves built and will mean that I don’t get caught up trying to collect all of the Blood Bowl teams in one year.

Anyway, enough from me. Time to post on the local club’s forum to see when the league starts, time to check out the NAF website and time to log in to FUMBBL.

I’ll share updates on each of these goals.


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