What’s coming up next?

I’ve recently finished a couple of projects and am under way on the next already.

First up are Blood Bowl 2nd edition elves. I’ve got 16 to do, all the positionals plus enough linemen to make up the roster. I’m going for the classic red and blue, Galadrieth Gladiators, scheme and hopefully will be able to get enough detail in to make them look nice on the pitch. They’ve been stripped and primed and some of the detail has been lost , couple that with the frustrating detail of the model and I’m feeling this is going to be a tricky project and maybe one that I’m not 100% satisfied with.

Next up, and primed and ready to go, are halflings. I’ve got 16 halflings plus star player Puggy Baconbreath and 2 early treemen to do. I’m going to go for a very simple one colour scheme (gloves, armour, helmets etc) and then pick out details in another colour. I’m thinking a bright yellow with white trim, but haven’t spent much time on it yet.

Then, I’m not sure. The Warhammer Fantasy High Elves are there. I’m a little nervous about starting them to be honest, and besides I’m feeling a Blood Bowl vibe at the moment.

So, that may lead me into my next Blood Bowl team or teams. I’m looking into picking up some Undead and Necomantic minis so that I can field both teams if needed. It’s going to be a collection of minis that make up the whole squad  rather than an off the shelf team.

That should keep me going for a few months at least 🙂


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