WIP – Blood Bowl plastic orcs

Now that the humans are finished (post coming soon) I’m moving on to a new Blood Bowl project. I’ve decided to quickly put together an orc team with the plastic minis that came in the 3rd edition box. I picked up another full set for a tenner on eBay to give me enough of each position for a full league roster.

Back when I was playing as a teenager I remember getting the new box and seeing the new models for the first time. I was amazed at the quality of them as a complete team, both in terms of having different models for each position and the overall quality and detail of the sculpts. The human and orc teams that came in the 2nd edition box were red and blue coloured plastic, very plastic-y and all linemen. They were very uninspiring. The 3rd edition ones in contrast were fantastic. The orc team is the better of the two overall. The blitzers and the black orcs are still lovely models and the blitzer in particular is very dynamic.

Despite this…I never did paint them up. I had them stuck to bases and primed but that was it except for the beginnings of a Gouged Eye scheme on an orc thrower.

So now I have a complete rosters worth, I fancy putting together a bashy team to play when the humans and skaven have been a bit too squishy. I’m going to paint them in an Orcland Raiders, yellow and black scheme. I’ve got the paints which will help moneywise and it’s a team that I didn’t really connect with as a kid and want to give a chance now; I was always drawn to the red and white of the Gouged Eye myself.

The Orcland Raiders

The Orcland Raiders

Looking at the models now, and having put down some fleshy green on them all, I must say that my earlier joy at painting and fielding this team has dwindled a little. This is because the closer I get to the models and the more I apply paint, the more I feel that the detail on them isn’t a great as I remembered. The definition between arm and armour isn’t brilliant. Compare them to the high elf and skaven minis that come with the Island of Blood box and you see how far GW, and I dare say the industry, have come in terms of the quality of the minis they produce.

It’s a minor grumble. I still love them and I’ll love those black orcs smashing some prancing elf someday soon!

Work in Progress: Blood Bowl 3rd Edition plastic Orcs

Work in Progress: Blood Bowl 3rd Edition plastic Orcs


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