Autumn is here and that means hobby

It’s September, the apples are falling from the trees and the paddling pool is packed away for another year. The nights are drawing in and the various sports that I follow are starting their new seasons.  That means that I get back into hobby mode.

Last night was my first night out in the cave painting for a long long time. I’ve got another couple of hours in tonight. No major challenges taken on yet, I am finally finishing off the 2nd Edition Blood Bowl human team that I started in the Spring. At the time I didn’t have enough catcher and blitzer models to make a full roster so I am doing the 3 blitzers and 2 catchers that I picked up over the Summer. Plan is to finish them over the next few nights; that would then be a second fully painted squad to play with.

Next up will probably be the 2nd Edition pro-elves. I’ll be looking over colours later tonight, but will probably repaint them as the Galadrieth Gladiators.

Also on my mind is the collection of Warhammer Fantasy High Elf army that has appeared on my shelves. Think I need to stop collecting and starting painting and playing a little more…I do love collecting though 😉

On the subject of playing, things are a little difficult on that front with all my family responsibilities. I really hope that I can sort it out that I can play in the local Blood Bowl league that will be starting in the next couple of months.

Right that’s enough from me at the moment, but expect more from me over the next few evenings as I spend more time in the cave.


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