Completed – Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Human Team

Finally! 😉

It seems like forever since I first started painting this team. It was back at the start of the year that I took my old childhood collection of Blood Bowl 2nd and 3rd edition minis and started to catalogue them and prepare them for Blood Bowl league and tournament glory…well participation.

I had a lot of human figures but didn’t have quite enough of the positional figures to make a coherent roster; I like my minis to be consistent on the pitch both for me and my opponent. Consistency in terms of basing, colour scheme and above all choice of miniature. I don’t believe it’s fair if the opposing coach has to spend some of his turn time identifying which player is a blitzer and which one is a catcher! So I spent a little bit of time on eBay trying to get the missing minis. The other reason that I needed positional players is that I had minis for positions that no longer exist, namely kickers and blockers. I’ve repurposed the blockers as beefy linemen. That’s why I’ve ended up with so many minis for this team; there are 20 in total.

The colour scheme is based on my favourite NFL team, the Miami Dolphins and I’ve numbered the players based on some of the Dolphins’ all-time greats. I also tried to add some new painting techniques from those that I used for my skaven. It is still a tabletop paint job, but at the very least it is one that I am proud of. I can see progress which is all I can ask for. I get a lot of pleasure from the whole process of getting a finished mini to the gaming table and the time that I get to spend on my hobby life varies week-to-week.

The overall result is quite nice, although close up and personal you can clearly see where my skills and technique can be improved. Faces and skin detailing is one area that I think could help elevate my painting to another level and will be something that I look into for future projects.

The aqua is a base of GW/Citadel Sotek Green, one coat diluted about 50/50 with water and then a second coat with only 80/20 to give a more solid finish. I then applied a wash of Coelia Greenshade and a few highlights using Template Guard Blue.

The orange is a base of Trollslayer Orange using the method as for the aqua followed by a wash of Reikland Fleshshade.

The white was done using a technique that I found online for bright white. It’s a base of White Scar followed by a wash of Nuln Oil followed by a dry brush of the base colour. Unfortunately the finish of the white is too powdery for my liking and I’ll be looking for a better technique for getting a bright white for future projects.

I’ve then applied various freehand finishes using the same colours.

I like the team. I like the models and they were nice to paint (Not like the pesky 2nd ed elves that I’ve just started. More on that later)

Here are a few pictures of the finished team (there are some other pictures in this blog). I hope you enjoy them and as always appreciate your constructive comments.


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