Lonely Gamer +1(?)

I’m plotting and planning all the time, waiting for the moment when I can first introduce my son into games and gaming. He’s only 2 at the moment so I’ve got a way to go yet. Part of my plan involves getting my wife hooked on a few games so that it is an easier sell when I want to splurge on hobby, toys and models.

Having read a few reviews and checked out the 2-playerness of a few games, I’ve opted for Forbidden Island and Zombie Dice; both are in the post on their way to me now.

I’ve seen both games being played and like the look of them. They are also on the lower end of the price scale which makes them nice starter games. I went for Forbidden Island because it is a co-operative game and I really hope that it will prove to be not only a fun game but a good way into games for my very non-gamer wife.

I’ll be posting updates on our progress as the Summer goes on.



2 thoughts on “Lonely Gamer +1(?)

  1. Forbidden Island is fun, playing the iPad version with my girlfriend and bought the box as a present for friends. Wil Wheaton’s TableTop has been a good source of new games for us.

    • Hope you’re both enjoying it. Yeah, I’ve been watching TableTop, it’s good to get to a taster of a few games, although I find it slightly annoying at times.

      Until Warhammer Quest I did’t realise that tabletop/board games had made it to the ipad. I’m exploring them now. I tend to have the apps that I need and use and that’s it. I think I’ll find some free versions to try before I buy.

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