I’ve been Warhammer Questing

For those of us with an interest in RPGs and fantasy gaming, it can’t have escaped your notice that Warhammer Quest has recently been released on iOS. Even though I used to play a little bit of D&D when I was younger, I wasn’t really aware of WQ; although funnily enough when I was playing a game of Blood Bowl at the local gaming club a couple of weeks ago, two of the guys brought out a battered old box and played a game. It looked fascinating and I watched for half and hour or so after my game ended. When I got home I looked up a little bit about the game and that’s when I came across the release.

Since it’s release all I’ve seen (well nearly all) is great things about the game. I played thirty minutes or so, but at the time was Blood Bowl crazy. In the last day I’ve picked up the ipad and played nearly eight hours of WQ on and off. I’ve got to say, it is BRILLIANT. The concept is simple. You control a group of warriors and you travel around various locations and end up in dungeons on quests fighting various monsters. All good stuff. The basic game is turn based, with the group of warriors having a turn before the monsters get a chance to fight back. These turns continue until death or success. It’s all very good stuff and a must have for any iOS user.

The few negative comments that I have seen about the game are to do with the in game extras that can be purchased. This extends to buying gold coins, extra warriors or extra locations. The biggest issue seems to be about buying extra gold. In my eight hours or so playing experience I can confirm that there is no need to buy extra gold or warriors unless you want to be really powerful early on in the game; cheating in my opinion. Completing the dungeons will give you enough gold and enough items for you to sell in the market place to keep any band of warriors going.

Another criticism that I’ve read is that there are random things that can happen to the group as they travel between quests. From my briefest of brief exposures to the game, I can confirm that this is part of the original game so can’t be questioned really.

To add to the brilliantly simple gameplay, the sound and graphics are both wonderful. The graphics in particularly beautiful. The game plays really well and there are no issues with performance. I have noticed a couple of bugs here and there but nothing that’s stopped me playing.

If you have a iOS device, you NEED this. Go and get it. I can’t speak highly enough of this game.

If GW are dishing out iOS licences then Blood Bowl Chaos Edition would translate very nicely to the iPad. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.

Got to go now…I’ve got some vicious spiders to smash to pieces!


2 thoughts on “I’ve been Warhammer Questing

  1. I guess the question about the game will be the same as many other board to screen conversions. Not ‘is it any good’, but would you rather play the screen version or the board version. I guess both have their place.

    • They both have their place for sure, and this works as a conversion. In terms of WQ they are different games as the iOS version is single player only whereas the board game is multiplayer co-op. It works really well as single player. I have seen people say ‘why isn’t it multiplayer?’. Well in that case I’d much rather play the original tabletop game..if I had it. The emotional aspects of rolling dice for your characters and updating character sheets can’t be recreated on a computer.

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