Next models to paint

Once I’ve done the finishing touches on the bulk of the human team, I have the ogre and Griff to complete before I start playing with them in our new league.

I think then that I’m going to go back and finish some of the skaven mutants that I didn’t finish from the first project. Now that I’ve started playing them, I’d like to have some minis to represent any mutations that I roll on the skill chart. I’ve also got some sideline pieces for the skaven team having picked up some Warhammer Fantasy figures to use as score, reroll and turn counters.

I’ve got a few human blitzers to paint up too. I’m a fan of having matching/very similar models on the field to represent the playing positions and I’ve picked up some blitzer models to make up the 0-4 that the human roster is allowed.

It’s about 10 models in all and it should keep me going for a while, especially now that summer is here.

I’m finishing off the undercoating on the elf and chaos pact teams that will come some way down the line. I’m thinking though that I will paint up the 3rd edition plastic orc team next though. I quite like those minis and they are already undercoated ready to go.


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