When life happens (part one of many)

It’s been a pretty rough week in one way or another and hobby and this blog have had to take a back seat. My little boy has been sick for the last week and I’ve been a stand in nurse. Thankfully it’s been nothing more serious than a common sickness bug, the kind that toddlers pick up all the time, but it’s wiped the poor little chap out. On the plus side mummy and daddy have had lots of cuddles from an otherwise not very cuddly boy 🙂

He’s fine now and we went to the beach yesterday and then spent the afternoon playing football in the garden 🙂

I have managed to get little bits done in the evenings – I’ve done some more painting on my human Blood Bowl team (they are coming on well now and I’ll update shortly), the Chaos Pact team are glued to their bases and undercoated in grey. The elves are stripped and glued, but I need to buy some more white undercoat for them before I move on with them. I’ve got a couple of bits in the stripper to finish tonight. I’m still trying to decide which team to paint next – I think I’ll leave the Chaos team for a little while until my skills have improved a little. Elves or Orcs I’m thinking. I’ve also got the new iOS Warhammer Quest game to start playing and I’ve managed to put together some Blood Bowl reference sheets that I’ll tidy up and share soon.

That’s just a little update for you.


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