Blood Bowl mentioned in June 2013 White Dwarf!!

Yes, Blood Bowl. Yes, White Dwarf. Yes, June 2013.

I’ve only just got back into the games hobby, but have done my fair share of internet and forum reading in the last few months. Over that time I’ve seen that 1) GW seem to focus on three product lines – Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and Lord of the Rings, 2) they’ve recently just shut down the Specialist Games division that had been the home of some of my favourite old games, and my beloved Blood Bowl and 3) White Dwarf is the glossy monthly catalogue for the new products (codexes, miniatures etc).

Odd then that we should have a mention of “ individual obsessed with Khorne Berzerkers painted in classic shiny red suddenly began a High Elf Blood Bowl team I felt compelled to find out why…in this instance a league was starting up and it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a furious Blood Bowl season..”.  The mention is in the middle of a 2-page piece by one of the regular contributors about the collecting aspect of hobby. But for me just seeing mention of Blood Bowl in White Dwarf was enough to do a double-take.

With the forum rumours of a September release of a Blood Bowl anniversary box set, it got me thinking. The rumours are of a 4 team set. Are High Elves one of those teams? Why would the editor allow mention of a non-core product army? Are GW staffers busy getting teams ready for the White Dwarf issue that would likely support the release of the boxed set in the same way that it has the recent 40k codex releases? Probably nothing, but it got me wondering. I’ve put £100 aside for September…just in case 🙂

Here’s how it appears in the magazine (p119).

What do you think?

White Dwarf - June 2013, p119

White Dwarf – June 2013, p119


2 thoughts on “Blood Bowl mentioned in June 2013 White Dwarf!!

  1. Nice spot. I havent read White Dwarf with any regularity for years, but considering how it corporate is is these days (if you know what I mean) I would think that a mention like that is 100% deliberate. The closing of Specialist Games only a few weeks before that was published adds credibility to the September release rumours.

    If High Elves are one of the teams then my guess is Dwarfs for the fourth, with Humans and Orcs being the staple other two. It will doubtless be a beautiful, definitive edition of the game. I wonder how much will be done with the rules? If its like the Space Hulk release from 2009 then very little.will be changed, although the BB rules are a bit of a sprawl currently so a tidy up can only be a good thing.

  2. Great spot keeping my fingers crossed for it, been on the rumour mill for ages about it … hopefully it will happen although the inquisitor rumour seems to be getting alot of backing

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