I loved playing…Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe

I’m not a massive computer games player and even as a kid I got attached to one or two games that I’d play for ever. The games I play tend to be RPG/fantasy, platform or sports. One of the games that fitted into fantasy and sports was Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe.


I used to play it on my family’s x386…all day (the x386 is a story in itself). I loved it. It came out on iOS a couple of years ago and I got it when it was free. It’s still on my phone and still gets played in moments of boredom.

It’s a perfect blend of speed and violence. 9 players on each side, 3 each in defence, midfield and attack. You line up against the opposition, the ball gets shot out of the floor in the centre of the pitch and the mayhem begins. The aim is to end the match with more points than the other side, but there are many ways to score points – goals, stars and bumpers. My tactic was always to use the loopy-roller multiplier thing on either side of the pitch which doubled your scoring and then to keep hitting the stars. It was easier to do on a keyboard / joystick than on my phone. On the phone I think it is easier to double up the points and just go for goal smashing people along the way. Gradually the opposition start to be carted off the pitch and you end up playing against second rate subs.

It’s just the best game. Play it.


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