These will be my Blood Bowl Pride and Chaos

Chaos All-Stars.

If you are an old school Blood Bowl player then I don’t need to say anything else really.

Despite my elfy throwy, runny, catchy tendencies the Chaos All-Stars were MY team and chaos players in general were the ones I liked the most. A quick search on the internet will show you many people are of the same opinion and you can see many examples of the kind of chaos team that I hope to create. They’ll be my pride and joy. A link back to when I first fell in love with all things Blood Bowl. I’m not going to be painting them for a long time yet so will hopefully have time to, if nit perfect, then at least improve my painting and modelling techniques.

The All-Stars were covered in all of the early rules and books and mutants and loonies in general were more widespread; the rules allowed it out of the box pretty much. Many of the star player cards in the Companion and Star Players books included chaos mutants and they all had miniatures that you could buy.

Chaos team 014

Chaos All-Stars from the 2nd edition Handbook

Chaos All-Stars from the 2nd edition Handbook

This is what I have in my collection so far.

Chaos miniatures

Chaos miniatures

Sadly the end of Lewdgrip Whiparm’s arm has come off. I do have the ball piece so will model that back on. I’m using the minotaur, Zy-nox, which is the one used in the Chaos All-Stars teams and is an awesome sight on the pitch. In the modern rosters this team is Chaos Pact which allows for a goblin, skaven and a dark elf to be added to the marauders and big guys. The dark elf model I am using is star player Tuern Redvenom. I’m going to try and pick up additional pieces over the next few months and replace the one of two minis that don’t quite fit with the ones that I get.

I’m really excited about this team. I’d love to see them out in the Blood Bowl arena again but think that they may end up being for my personal indulgences only.

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4 thoughts on “These will be my Blood Bowl Pride and Chaos

  1. These are such great miniatures. The outrageous hands and feet can be forgiven as they’re all mutants anyway. I love the ‘attitude’ of the old chaos team. Thanks for reminding me of how cool they are, and of the art of the player on a deck-chair.

    If you wanted to play them against a local, you could either use 2nd edition rules or put some homebrew together. Otherwise, I suppose you’re down to putting Nurgle or Chaos on the board and being very selective about which mutations you pick on doubles.

    • Thanks Argentbadger. Aren’t they great? You’re right, the attitude and swagger of them is fantastic. I’m going to play them as Chaos Pact in our local perpetual league. The minis should be fine to use early on, but as the team develops mutations the models could get confusing. I may be able to manage it with a little smart renumbering of some minis, but I’ve got some spare beastmen and chaos marauders to use if needed. I’m currently stripping a couple of minis and getting them stuck on some bases and undercoated. I’m not going to rush into painting them as I want to improve my skills and work on some interesting colour schemes. I’ll post along the way.

  2. Good collecting! Highly recommend 30mm bases for the big guys.

    • Thanks sann0638. The collecting was done many years ago with my hard earned pocket money. I was just lucky enough that my dad kept hold of all of my 2nd/3rd edition stuff 🙂

      I’ve recently picked up a GW Chaos booster pack to fill out the marauders. I wanted enough non-mutant players so that when the team becomes more developed the models don’t end up distracting from the actual mutations that I give them.

      Thanks for the bases tip. I’ll look into it.

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