Displaying my 28mm miniatures

Now that the man/hobby cave is finished, I finally have some space to spread my hobby wings.

I’ve not got much room in there and certainly not enough for a large display case, but still I think it would be nice to show off some of the finished minis. A lot of my unpainted, unused, collection of minis are in boxes with the finished team and the next two in line for painting in foam. As I complete more teams I want to be able to keep a few either on the desk or on the shelves, without getting covered in dust.

I took a look on Amazon for display cases and came across these. As they are only £4.50 I thought they were worth a go and so got two. They arrived earlier this week and I’m quite impressed. The quality is really good and they take 15 miniatures comfortably. At L20.5cm x D10cm x H10.5cm, the figures are quite low in the case so I’m going to build something to raise them up into two or three levels. I’m thinking I’ll make something out of lollipop sticks, paint it up and make a kind of wooden stand to show them off.

They’ll look really nice on the shelves and looking at them all the time will make me want to play with them more 🙂

The plastic case opened up

The plastic case opened up

15 miniatures in the case

15 miniatures in the case


** Just want to add that I’m not in anyway associated with the manufacturers of this product. I’m just a gamer, hobbyist with a blog and I like to share things that I like or find useful. **


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