Painting Table…or Tables

So this is the list of Blood Bowl teams that I have to work on over the next few months. It’s not accounting for me wanting to get new teams or starting out in other games 😉

  1. Humans – 2nd edition metal in Miami Dolphins inspired colours
  2. Chaos Pact – Mainly 2nd edition metal minis (blog post to come on this team)
  3. Elf – 2nd edition metal probably as Galadrieth Gladiators
  4. Orcs – 2nd edition metal
  5. Dwarves – Have about half a team of 2nd edition minis and will try and pick up the rest
  6. Halflings – 2nd edition metal
  7. Humans – 3rd edition plastic
  8. Orcs – 3rd edition plastic

These are all GW minis and I think I’d like to try buying minis from one of the other manufacturers next. They weren’t around when I last collected and painted so I am really excited to try them out. I’ve looked at some of the catalogues online and must say some of them are beautiful.

I’m going to be busy!


2 thoughts on “Painting Table…or Tables

  1. There does indeed seem to be an amazing number of fantasy American football miniatures out there considering how much of a niche market I would have expected it to be. Impact Miniatures covers many of the smaller manufacturers though it is not the only one. The quality of some of the miniatures nowadays makes the oldest GW sculpts look somewhat static, but I find that there are some significant scale disparities considering that most claim to be 28mm.

    • I’ve never had a problem with the static nature of the old Citadel minis. But then again I spent so long looking at them as a kid that they have huge nostalgic appeal, especially the star players. I want to look around at the various manufacturers more so that I can find my favourites. As to why there are so many models out there, I think it’s partly that the game came at the right time and a generation fell in love with it, and the game essentially became a community game later as GW lost interest. I’m just glad that after so many years there is still a passion for the game.

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