Another team to create…Galadrieth Gladiators

As you know, I’ve been going through my 2nd edition Blood Bowl miniatures trying to make teams that fit the Competition Rules rosters. As a rule I’ve been missing lineman minis. I need to go back through the old rules but it probably allowed for more position players add that to the kicker position disappearing and some races losing positional players such as the orc catcher and you can see why I’m down on lineman.

After a few years(?) of playing Blood Bowl 2nd edition I decided that I liked elves, dark elves and chaos; like most players I also tried orcs and humans. What better elf team, in my mind at least, than the Galadrieth Gladiators led by star blitzer Lucien Swift.

Galadrieth Gladiators from BB Handbook

Galadrieth Gladiators from BB Handbook

Galadrieth Gladiators meet Gouged Eye

Galadrieth Gladiators meet Gouged Eye

Modern Games Workshop has the Gladiators as high elves, but back in the day they were just elves. They featured in the 2nd edition handbook as a team profile and with in-play action shots. Add that to me liking the colours red and blue and you get this…

My Galadrieth Gladiators

My Galadrieth Gladiators

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They were one of the last teams that I painted before giving up for 20 years and are certainly a big improvement on some of the Chaos All-Stars that I sentenced to death by paint brush. I’ve got hold of a few more lineman minis from eBay and will strip and repaint them all, probably as Galadrieth Gladiators again. I’ll also play them as (Pro) Elves in honour of their 2nd edition roots..and having the best catchers in the game isn’t a bad start. Reading some of the forums, I don’t think it’s that popular a roster due to it’s lack of speciality or special player i.e. no wardancers. Still I always liked elves and it would be nice to play them in one off games every now and again which is where I think they excel.


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