Setting up on FUMBBL

I’m trying to play more Blood Bowl of ALL types. I’ve got two tabletop games under my belt recently, Chaos Edition is installed on the laptop and I’ve just got FUMBBL setup on the Mac.

It took a while as I am using Chrome and it doesn’t work properly with Java (or something). So long story short, I finally got it working by downloading and installing the Firefox browser and then installing the Java Runtime ( from there. It all worked and I’ve been able to log in a watch a cracking game this evening.

I’m HairyPete77 on FUMBBL if you are interested. I’m a Rookie with no games played so far. I’ll try and get a few test games done over the next couple of weeks before I play against proper people. So much hobby to do though 🙂

Check out FUMBBL for yourself.


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