My old Blood Bowl Orc team

As a kid I was an orc guy. The 2nd and 3rd editions of Blood Bowl came with plastics minis of both teams and were great starter teams. I’m not sure why but I gravitated to the Orcs and my brother was left with the humans…it was MY game after all. In other games in always picked the orc characters and I always picked the humans or elves. But that’s for another time.

The plastic minis were all a standard lineman and it wasn’t long before my pocket money was spent on metal minis. Every Saturday morning we’d take a family trip into town and we always had to go past the toy shop. It was an old fashioned toy shop with all kinds of toys and games on the bottom floor and upstairs it had a wall of miniature blister pack on one side and Tamiya models and RC cars along another. It also had jars of dice by the counter. One of the first complete teams that I managed to collect was orcs. My painting wasn’t up to much so my dad asked a mate of his to paint them for me. I’m not sure what else he painted or collected but he seemed to do a lot of ‘hobby’. I only went round there once to collect them once they were done. I remember being blown away by them. Looking at them now, they are good but not great. They played really well though and that was all that mattered. The scheme was taken from the orc reference card that came in the 2nd edition box. Unfortunately my card has disappeared and a quick internet search doesn’t show one (I’ll keep looking though).

Here’s the team complete with two minotaurs and one troll, again they were based on pictures from one of the books or from old copies of White Dwarf. It was from the days when orcs had positional catchers and all teams had a kicker introduced. I think kickers and kicking rules came in with the red Companion book.

Orc team

Orc team

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At some point in the future I want to try out the orcs again, but I really want to paint them as well. My current thinking is to strip these minis and to give them a new paint job before playing with them. I’m in two minds though. I could always use the plastics minis from 3rd edition. I don’t really want to mix plastic and metal minis in a team.

It’s not pressing as I’ve got lots to be getting on with 🙂 I’ve got enough figures to be able to create a complete orc roster as per LRB6/CRP. For now I’ll put these in a little display case and decide what to do with them.


2 thoughts on “My old Blood Bowl Orc team

  1. The 3rd edition was my all time favourite game – but those 2nd ed minis are lovely

    • Thanks. I think I played 2nd and 3rd editions equally. 3rd is a better game though and my all time favourite too. Perfect! Great gameplay, low cost, interesting minis and quick to play. The 2nd ed minis are great and I’m trying to get extras that I need to complete as many 2nd ed teams as possible.

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