Mancave WILL be done this week…maybe

I’ve been out in the cave doing some painting this morning. I’ve been using up some old blue paint that was left over from doing the boy’s room. I’ve painted one end solid blue (denim) and then some of the blocks on the side walls a light blue. It makes it look more like a place that you want to spend some time in and less like an interrogation room. The ceiling also got a first coat of white paint. It will need a second coat later today as the plaster joins are still sowing through. The paint is the super cheap stuff from B&Q so I am not surprised it needs more than one coat.

The plans for how to hide the washing machine and plumbing have also been sorted and it means I’ll get an extra worktop out of it too. I’ll probably end up putting most of the electrical stuff up on it – consoles, tv, computer bits etc. I’ve got the rails for the shelving that will go over the main desk. Target is to finish the painting, then paint the floor, put up the worktop, then the shelves and desk. Desk and shelves will be white conti board as I’m looking to save a bit of money (so I can spend it on other hobby stuff). Then comes the big move 🙂

More pictures to follow later.


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