Work in progress on the mancave

I’ve been working hard on the mancave recently. I can see the end of the project and can’t wait to move my stuff in 🙂

I was lucky because the outbuilding was already wired up for power so I only needed to get the electrician to add some new lighting cabling and some new sockets. I’ve stripped the room down the the bare walls, cleaned them and dried them out. Unfortunately the washing machine was in there (and still will be). This has meant that there was a fair bit of damp in the room. There were also a few bits on the exterior that weren’t helping with the moisture inside. For example a piece of the roof had been cut out so that the gate could open at 90 degrees. Great, except it meant that the rain water ran off the roof where it had been cut straight into the brick wall! A combination of ventilation, heating, and dehumidification in addition to fixing the odd bits have meant I’m pretty happy to put stuff in there now.

So, I’ve PVAd the walls and painted them with a cheap white emulsion. It was really quick with a roller, much quicker than the masonry brush that I started with! I’ve recently put up the plasterboard ceiling and have just started to do the joints. Plan is to finish this tomorrow morning. Next on the list is to finish sealing and painting the ceiling, followed by touching up the walls and finally painting the floor. Shouldn’t take too long, although it will need a little bit of planning to make sure I don’t paint myself into a corner or end up splattering paint on a bit that’s just been finished. Then I can put the lights back up and then it’s building a desk and putting up some shelves. As I’ve said before my view of what the cave will look like have changed. Gone is the gentleman’s club feel. In is the practical hobby, gamer geek space.


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