The mancave is coming

I’ve been able to get more time in the mancave recently, mainly in bursts of 20-30 minutes while my wife gives the boy his dinner. The lighter evenings have also meant I want to stay outside and enjoy it for a bit longer.

As a result I have been able to white wash the walls in the main part of the cave and have put the plasterboard ceiling up. I’m planning the desk and shelving configuration at the moment, but to keep costs down will stick to white conti board for all of it. There are also a few bits of furniture in the house and attic that I’m going to smuggle out there.

The next jobs are to finish the joints on the ceiling and the paint it up, finish painting the other end of the cave and then put up the shelving. Oh and I need to put the lights back up. I’m going to paint the floor as well at some point but have a feeling that as soon as I have the shelves up I’ll be putting stuff in there pretty quickly 🙂

I think I’ve managed to resolve the damp issue once and for all by putting a low power heater in there as well as a dehumidifier. This has regulated air in the cave. When you walk in there you don’t feel the damp air anymore. It’ll take me a week or so to do the work I mentioned earlier and in that time it should get even better and with the weather getting better too I should be ok…until winter!

P.s. I’ll take a few pictures and post them. I’ve got some before shots somewhere too.


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