Mancave update

I am still caveless 😦 Over the last couple of months I have done a fair bit of work inside the cave and have had it ready for painting on no less than three occasions. Each time though the cave has ended up with the spill over from decorating, gardening or moving and the cave refit has regressed. I’ve got the electrics done and the ceiling but I will have to redo part of the ceiling as it’s got mouldy. There is clearly still some work to be done on the ventilation and temperature. Better I know that now than when all my stuff is in it!!

The plan for this week (weather permitting) is to clear out the cave and take down the dodgy ceiling.

Over the weeks my plans for the use of the cave have changed a little too. It was going to be a relaxed, snug type interior. But having seen the amount of stuff that I want to put in it, it is now going to be a hobby workshop – miniatures, outdoor activities, computers/electronics etc. There are about eight medium sized boxes of bits and bobs plus TVs and computers to go in there. I need somewhere to put it and more importantly use it. I’m going to have a wrap around desk and lots of shelving at one end and along two sides, plus cupboard storage in the other end. I’ll then find a suitable chair from which I can command my empire. 


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