Honey, I’m home!

Ok, so the last few months have been a barren hobbywise. The house move and subsequent decorating marathon have taken all my time. The dark and wet days and nights have been spent with paint bushes but not of the miniature kind 😦 

But, I am back now. My little boy has just turned 2 and has started pre-school a couple of mornings a week. This gives me something ever so precious….time.

I didn’t join the Blood Bowl league that I wanted to; I did the decent thing though and withdrew before starting out knowing that I couldn’t commit to the full schedule. The reason that I’m posting now though is that I am inspired.

This week, I popped along to my local gaming club (Rygas Roughnecks) for the first time on their regular Wednesday night. I sat in and watched one of the Blood Bowl semi-final matches and have said that I’ll be back soon with my skaven team. I’ve managed about 6 hours of painting in the last couple of days and have got 12 models nearly done and have just started on another 7 (mutants and star players plus a few more linerats). I’ve also ordered a few bits and bobs that I needed and have started planning my next teams based on the models that I already have. I’m thinking Humans, Elves and Chaos Pact.

Right back to the painting table 🙂


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