40K anyone?

When I was a kid I played Warhammer (Fantasy) a little bit. We had a halfsized snooker table in one room in the house and my brother and I used to put a bit of chipboard on top and make hills out of foam for our battle scenes. I think there was a lot of Orcs vs Elves; but based on my digging in the old toy cupboard not a lot survived. 

We didn’t really ever get into 40K, although my brother did collect a few of the models. The closest I got to 40K was Space Marine. I think it’s just called Epic now. Something about that game really grabbed me and I used to play it with a friend quite a lot. 

I was looking over the gaming club’s forums and 40K seemed to be played quite a lot so I thought I’d investigate. I’ve just got myself a rulebook and will read it a few times before committing myself to collecting a new army. I’m not as enthused about it as I am about Blood Bowl. Time and money are massive drawbacks for me and 40K at the moment. I’ll keep it ticking along in the background I think. Warhammer is an altogether more serious game than Blood Bowl!


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