Reikland Reavers vs Gouged Eye – Match 2 Half Time Report

“…Thanks Jim. You join us at half time here in Altdorf for this second pre-season exhibition match between the home Reikland Reavers and the visiting Gouged Eye. The Eye took the first match 1-0 and the Reavers are looking for revenge in front of a full crowd here at the Oldbowl. Both sides have rested their stars and we can see Griff up in the owner’s box with what looks like the Reavers cheerleaders.

On the pitch the Eye won the toss and elected to receive on what is a perfect day for Blood Bowl. The kickoff found its way out of bounds and the Orcs handed the ball to backup thrower Chucka Meanone. Chucka, a rookie making his first outing in an Eye uniform, immediatley called in support and the lineorcs formed a cage around him. Upfront, blockers Smash and Gash Blurtsplat, the fearsome twins, lived up to their names and caused havoc on the line; the Reavers line crumbling like a prize cumble at the Halfling Crumble Championships – Crumblethon.

The Reavers didn’t have much choice but to let the Eye march to midfield, progress only being stopped by the sheer number of Reavers lying in the dirt. Catcher Brit Nannyspears found it all too much for him and skipped his way towards the Eye endzone. The ferocity of the Orc attack has taken its toll, and Jim I’ve got a sad news for all the fans out there. Reavers blitzer Rico Levitan has suffered a serious injury and is out for the rest of this game. We’ll have to wait until the final whistle to see how he’ll be impacted in the long term.

In the second quarter though the Reavers managed to slow down the Orc cage and force it down the right flank. The Eye seemed to panic as the half time whistle got closer and Chuka looked to make a break for it and rescue the half for the Orcs. The door of the cage opened briefly when lineorc Busta Knut was punched to the ground by three Reavers. With the door open the Reavers sniffed their chance. Even Griff was watching the game now. Max Peril, the blitzer making his debut after transferrring from a local Altdorf League team, made the first move. He blitzed Chucka and the ball spilled out and was picked up by the elated Max who quickly ran towards the half way line. Catcher, Brit looked up hearing the anticipated cheers of the home crowd. Lineorc, Spit Headspliiter, known for his intelligence (he can count to 11 without taking off his shoes) sensed danger and closed in on Brit. With time running out and Max near the sideline every available orc charged towards him. Max stood firm, I think he must have been blinded by the afternoon sun, Jim. No sensible guy would stand up like he did there.

The Eye ran out of steam and with the referee’s whistle in his mouth, Max sensed bonus gold pieces. With two tired orcs grappling with him he threw the long bomb towards Brit. The covering Spit raised his arms hoping to intercept but the ball spiralled neatly into the arms of Nannyspears who bobbled it before securing it against his body. He dodged his way out of Headsplitter’s grasp and walked into the endzone for the score. The Oldbowl crowd eruptted as Brit danced in the endzone. Seeing him dance like that Jim makes me think he’s found his true calling.

1-0 Reavers on the last play of the half. The Eye will be kicking away to start the second half and it’s not going to be easy for them.

Jim, back to you in the studio…”


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