Play well

Since picking up some of my old toys it has been the Blood Bowl stuff that has kept me most busy and most entertained. There are a couple of boxes that went straight up into the loft and there are a few left at my dad’s house including a wonderful old Hornby train set collection.

One of the boxes that went up was my old Lego. Frank is only 18 months so is a couple of years away from being ready for Lego, but that didn’t stop me yesterday afternoon. I did what I used to do as a kid – cleared a big space on the floor and tipped it all out. It looked so familiar, there were even pieces still built. It’s mainly space and technic pieces with various other smaller bits thrown in for good measure. I couldn’t decide whether to build a space ship or a moon base, so ended up making something in between. It was quite tough to put together as I’d forgotten just how many different sizes and shapes the Lego blocks come in. It took a while to get my eye in as I tried to get the right lengths and heights to make it all fit neatly. Looking at some of the bits that were still together, my brother and I must have spent a lot of time making it.

With Frank’s nap time coming to an end I packed it all away and recalled the other thing about playing with Lego – putting it away. Some of the bits are so small and I found bits of arms and technic stoppers in between the floorboards for hours afterwards.

I loved playing with Lego and can see how it is such an enduring toy. Looking at today’s prices, there must be hundreds of pounds worth of Lego there that I hope Frank will love when he’s older.





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