Getting ready to paint my miniatures

Part of a good hobby for me is getting all the bits and pieces that you may ever need. I’m the kind of person that likes to have everything and likes to have everything to hand. At the moment my hobby is Blood Bowl and right now that means miniatures. As you’ve seen I’ve been stripping my old models and that process is still in full swing, but the next step is painting my skaven team.

We’ve not moved house yet so I’ve had to find some space in our current place to do some painting until the mancave is setup. I’ve been looking online at other people’s setups and have been really impressed by a lot of them. I need to put that to one side for now though, but I have been able to put together a decent space and last night I painted for the first time in nearly twenty years. I think the nerves were getting to me as I was putting so much effort into getting the paint station right. I’ve cleared a space at the end of the kitchen and found and off cut of hardboard for £2 in B&Q. I found a food serving dish in a charity shop for £3 which is good for holding the few paints that I have. The other bits are things that I’ve picked up or made over the last few weeks.

As for the actual painting, the miniatures are much smaller and more detailed than I ever remembered, but armed with a plan and a magnifying glass I found that the two hours it took me to paint the flesh on six skaven flew by. It was hard work but I did get quicker as I got more confidence. I think I’ve made a mistake in picking skaven as my first team as there are lots of details with the flesh, fur and claws, but I’m going to keep going with it and have another session planned for this evening.


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