Paint Strip Miniatures with Household Cleaning Products

When I recovered my old miniatures that collection was a mixture of not painted, part painted, ‘good enough to play with’ painted and badly painted. It’s what I expected really but I would like to create some new teams based on the new Competition Rule rosters and I’d like them to be painted as well as I can. I must admit that now I see and hold the miniatures again, I wonder how on earth I ever managed to paint them and how I’ll do it again; everything is so small and so detailed and my eyes and hands aren’t what they used to be. There will be more posts on my painting adventures for sure. For now though I’m interested in stripping down the miniatures that I have and getting teams together.

I’ve been searching the internet and have found this guide from red.sight on the Warseer forum. It seemed to make sense so I’ve been giving it a go. The guide is very thorough and I followed it pretty much to the letter.

I selected the three skaven that I had as well as the painted halflings. Both had a grey primer and the h had a really thick coating of purple paint on them. I put them in an old jar for 40 hours and gave them a good swirl every few hours or whenever I was by the sink. The swirl seemed to help dislodge a lot of the thin coating on the skaven very quickly. The halflings needed the soaking for sure. When time was up I tipped the old Dettol away and put the figures in an old washing up bowl and covered them with some store brand cream cleaner. This was one of the comments / tips on the post and worked really well as it meant I didn’t need water. The gloves and the bowl are essential as the scrubbing does spray old paint everywhere. I used an old toothbrush but think I’ll use a cheap new brush next time as the bristles needed to be a little stiffer. Toothpicks were essential on the halflings to get into the detail; I probably used one toothpick for two models. I then cleaned out the bowl and soaked the cleaned miniatures in tepid water with washing up liquid. I found that I needed to use toothpicks again as the wash off showed up some paint that I’d missed first time around. When I was happy that all of the paint had been stripped I rinsed everything off under cold running water.

I am very happy with the results (below) and have already put some other models into soak over the next couple of days.

Halflings before strippingHalflings after stripping

Skaven before strippingSkaven after stripping



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