Blood Bowl Player List

I’ve been busy over the last few days looking through all of my miniatures and doing something else I like – putting things into spreadsheets. I can’t help myself, but I love a good form, list, template or chart.

I’ve got most of the figures that I remember having, but I can’t find my old Dwarf Deathrollers which is a shame.

Here’s the list – Blood Bowl Miniatures Catalogue

I used this great site to help with the list.

I want to add some detail to the races that I have a lot of as when I first started I counted just the position not the position plus the miniature version. I also want to work out which ones can make up teams, which ones to strip and paint and which ones to sell.

I’ve added the new Skaven team that arrived in the post on Wednesday and will soon have to add the old Griff model that I purchased online 😉


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