Blood Bowl Podcasts

In the last week I’ve really really got back into Blood Bowl despite not having any miniatures and not having any of my stuff…yet. Every minute not spent being a dad is spent reading about and preparing for BB. I’ve been looking all over the web and have been pleased to find a thriving community. I’ve been catching up with tournaments and leagues that are running all over the world and have been for many years.

I’ve found the three Blood Bowl podcasts that seem to be running – Zlurpcast, Both Down and Three Die Block. Of these Three Die Block is my favourite by a long way. They go into some fascinating detail into how to play as and against each of the races and the features about the specifics of the game are really interesting. Both Down is second on my list followed by the Zlurpcast. I’ve not heard any of the early Zlurps but on the most recent one they talked about going back to basics, so I’ll follow this up in a few months to see if it changes in any way. For now catching up on all of the Three Die Block episodes that are out there will keep me going for a while.

Try them for yourself and let me know what you think…

  1. Three Die Block
  2. Both Down
  3. Zlurpcast

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